Commercial Applications

Monolithic concrete Safe Rooms

Category Five Safe Rooms, a division of Category Five Homes & Construction, Inc. has engineered an affordable alternative building solution to replace traditional wood structures, offering a monolithic concrete/steel reinforced modular shell structure which is sustainable, resisting the test of time for generations in most catastrophic related occurrences: hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes.

Reinforced Steel and Panel Technology

Our Structural Integrated Panel Systems (A True "SIPS") components are custom modular steel panels with internal steel mesh and re-bar, adding strength to the concrete.

Exterior Concrete Application Stage

Once the roofing and wall panels are assembled on site, each panel is shotcreted or poured with high density psi concrete, finished to smooth texture, waterproofed & sealed.

Finished Product….Your Safe Room

Your Safe Structure is now ready for exterior and interior cosmetics to blend in with your new or existing office or home, protecting your family, and valuable assets from most catastrophic weather conditions.


Our structures offer many benefits, including energy efficiency, qualifying for lower insurance premiums, possible government tax exemptions/credits, no mold or termites, low maintenance, and more. Our modular panels are custom, manufactured by Category Five to meet standards implemented by Green Coalition and LEED specifications. Category Five technology and engineering allows us or you’re chosen builder to construct "Temporary Facilities or Permanent Safe Rooms", "Safe Residences", single or mufti family, or "Safe Commercial Buildings" of most any size. To find out more, or to request pricing, contact us today.