Monolithic Concrete & Roofing

Monolithic Construction and Roofing Systems

CATEGORY FIVE SAFE ROOMS are built with the strength and durability of monolithic concrete. Our structures are built as a single uniform unit, using rebar reinforcement to give it greater structural strength. The comprehensive strength of poured concrete walls is several times that of block walls. Additionally, high-tech insulation with a high R-value for energy savings is placed within the inside framework of each panel creating an airtight seal between the two materials.  

In various strength tests, concrete proved two to four times stronger than the maximum wind load and five to nine times stronger than the maximum earthquake load - bending strength considerably greater than the standards required by the Uniform Building Code.

In countless firewall tests, concrete has proven itself as one of the most fire and heat-resistant construction materials. Unlike wood or steel, concrete does not burn, soften, or bend. Concrete structures are most likely to remain standing through a fire, not susceptible to damage by insects and termites that can cost thousand of dollars to treat or repair, and of course, not susceptible to wood rot.

Our monolithic concrete building process is priced competitively as compared with the traditional wood building process – but offers many added benefits. Maintenance and upkeep are virtually nonexistent with concrete homes and will offer homeowners longevity and substantial savings over time. Our construction process can be applied to most any architectural design, giving homeowners and builders the flexibility to build most any floor plan or roofing style desired. Our building system will allow builders to choose many different exterior finishes for facades and roofs to conform to local design standards. Stucco, brick, or stone, as well as other siding materials, and slate, tile, or metal as well as other roof finishes can be applied.

CATEGORY FIVE SAFE ROOMS  are built to withstand most weather related conditions with minimal damage, including hurricane force winds, providing a "safe haven" during storms where evacuation is not mandatory. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is now promoting the concept of building "Shelters-In-Place", in areas where evacuation is not mandatory and the home is built to weather the storm. Many Homebuilders are currently promoting the construction of integrated safe rooms in homes, creating one small area of safety.

Integrated Concrete Roofing Systems

The concrete roofing system used by CATEGORY FIVE SAFE ROOMS has a patent pending design and method that provides ultimate resistance and protection against hurricanes.

This system consists of a series of self-supported insulation panels that provide the concrete slab stay-in-place formwork and offers a simple, efficient, and affordable solution for both existing and new homes.

The monolithic concrete construction of the CATEGORY FIVE SAFE ROOMS roof is the same process used in the walls. The monolithic structure provides much more rigidity and eliminates weak structural connections and water filtration issues.